Gaby Leveridge

12 Questions to get to know Gaby better


Gaby Leveridge

Nick Name
Gabab – Given to me by old boss when I was running a boot camp holiday program. He posted on the website “hi my name is Gaby but my friends call me Gabs abs” Gabab stuck from then on.

Bikes Owned
Charge plug5. Adventure bike.
Peugeot pub bike, for well going to the pub.
Pashley ice cream trike. For peddling around selling tasty, nutritious, go faster snacks.

Favorite bike to ride
Depends on the terrain, location and destination.

Favorite Location to ride
My favorite rides are often the ones right from my front door. I love that on a lunch break I can peddle over 1000 vertical meters get amazing views and feel an amazing sense of accomplishment then sit smugly at my desk for the rest of the afternoon.

Favorite Col
The Col de Forclaz. We often camp in Annecy and when you get to the top of this col the view of the lake below is breathtaking and worth every peddle stroke.

Best memory of being on a bike
When Ben and I bought our van we drove it to a small village called Granier perched high up on the sunny side of the valley and camped for the night. A few weeks later I peddled up the tiny windy roads up there in the snow and went to the same (only) bar we went to for beers for a coffee but ended up having Ricard with the locals at 11am. It worked and warmed me up.

Favorite bicycle product
A seat post bike bag. I always forget to put a spare inner tube in my jersey but if it already on my bike then I don’t have to think I can just put on my kit and go.

Favorite non bicycle product
Skype. I love having the freedom to be off the beaten track, traveling and living abroad but appreciate having the technology of Skype to keep in touch face to face (kind of) with family and friends.

Favorite item of sports clothing
I have a Rapha jersey which I got given in Annecy after turning up at the stand in my friends team Grappa kit. The guys loved it so much they offered a swap me my to big mens Grappa jersey for a nicely fitting nicely new Rapha jersey of choice.

Favorite item of non sports clothing
I am a lover of leopard print so my leopard print vans are probably top of the list.

Biggest achievement on a bike
Its not the biggest thing I’ve done by a long way but my first ever attempt at a big ride was the Alpe D’Huez bends and the feeling of achievement when I got to the top is what inspired me to keep riding my bike.

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