Transcontinental Selfies #TCRselfie

As many know…Transcontinental 2014 Starts this Saturday 9th August from Big Ben, London.

101 lucky riders will test themselves and equipment over the duration of the trip.

A true test for mind, body and spirit.

Many people have never experienced this style of race or know little about what it will take just to complete the race let alone compete to gain a good time.

For a little amusement, I thought it would be good if as many #TCR2014 riders as possible could post a #TCRselfie every day that they ride until they reach Istanbul. That way, people from all over the world can hopefully experience the trials and tribulations, highs and lows and undoubtably the suffering that each and every rider will face…shown in their face!

Please tag a photo you take of yourself everyday with

#TCRselfie DAY x, Location


#TCRselfie Day 2, Paris

This hopefully will be a good reminder for everyone riding and not riding of some experiences, from what will be a very memorable adventure.

P.S. We might even be able to sort a prize out for the most amusing!


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