Transcontinental Video From Charge Bikes

The video is finally here…

A mixture of footage and photos we took from our adventure and some studio filming with Alex Rankin at Charge Bikes HQ. Have a watch.



Main Video…


We are so happy seeing these. Brings back so many good memories of a a very tiring but life changing 12 days spent together travelling across Europe.

You can find more details on The Transcontinental website.


Rounding off a season of brilliant cycling with a holiday

Pre season training is key to a summer of riding at your best. Lots of people get this in by heading to the sun somewhere like Majorca on pre season training camp.  We were lucky this year and managed to get away to Corsica and Sardinia to get these miles in.

Most cycling events are held in the summer and predominately lined up during July & August. But what do you do post season? This year we got together with a group of friends and arranged a cycle holiday. Its been perfect, everyone is relaxed, no one is training for anything but everyone has a summer full of miles in there legs so a big rides are manageable.

Location? We went for Provence in the south of France, the weather late September early October is still warm enough to lye by the pool but not too hot when your cycling, the riding is fun and varied you have rolling hills, vineyards but then also one of the giants, Ventoux.