Transcontinental Video From Charge Bikes

The video is finally here…

A mixture of footage and photos we took from our adventure and some studio filming with Alex Rankin at Charge Bikes HQ. Have a watch.



Main Video…


We are so happy seeing these. Brings back so many good memories of a a very tiring but life changing 12 days spent together travelling across Europe.

You can find more details on The Transcontinental website.

Wheel Build

Our Exposure dynamo hubs needed building into wheels for our Charge Bikes, so after our morning ride yesterday, I set about lacing the hub onto an aero rim for the front.

The charge plugs are the first 700c bikes we’ve properly used with discs so having an aero rim is a small advantage pointing at discs on road bikes being here to stay.

I won’t go into details but the wheel took about 90mins to build and tension. Very happy with it and hopefully will have it in place and wired to ride ASAP.

Box of goodies ready to start: