Transcontinental Video From Charge Bikes

The video is finally here…

A mixture of footage and photos we took from our adventure and some studio filming with Alex Rankin at Charge Bikes HQ. Have a watch.



Main Video…


We are so happy seeing these. Brings back so many good memories of a a very tiring but life changing 12 days spent together travelling across Europe.

You can find more details on The Transcontinental website.

#TCR2014 @Chargebikes Titanium Skewer Prepped and Ready

After a full summer season of single day racing, time trials and training hard, the time has come to convert Gabs’ Charge Skewer ready for Transcontinental. The good news is, that very little needed to be done to it, as it such a versatile bike.


Gaby’s Titanium Skewer in Race Mode:

Fulcrum Zero Wheels
Continental Grand Prix 4000s 25c Tyres
Shimano Ultegra 6800 11speed Groupset
Deda Carbon Finishing kit
Fabric Saddle and Bar Tape

For transcontinental due to the huge distances that need to be covered each day, a lot of dawn, dusk and night riding will need to be done, so several modifications have been made to enable this.



First up is a new front wheel using a Exposure Revo Dynamo Hub laced to a H Plus Sons 32h Rim. All wiring runs up inside of leg to keep the carbon forks looking tidy.

New Continental Grand Prix Winter Tyres in 25c are on front and rear. A little more puncture protection will help in the long run.



As we will be riding for such extended periods of time and not tucked for the duration, the stem has been brought up a little to allow a more comfortable (albeit, less aero) position.

Wiring runs up the non drive side of headtube to the light unit which provides enough illumination to dazzle owls! Mounted next to that is a Garmin Touring GPS with some very important routes plumbed in. Wiring runs from the Revo light to the rear to power the redeye rear light.

10588870_10152311892838099_278302296_nI tried to keep the wiring as tidy as possible.

Messy, cluttered bikes annoy me…ask Chris Selvik if you are unsure what a cluttered bar set up looks like ­čśë



Gabs’ view for the next 150 or so hours of riding.

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Charge Titanium Skewer with Alpkit luggage and Exposure Lights….Bring on Transcon2014


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