Le Tour de Mont Blanc

ben mb

This summer on top of all the one day races and events that we are competing in and some heavy training getting ready for the Trans Continental 2014 race, I have signed up to compete in the Tour de Mont Blanc.

I have never ridden anywhere near as far as this, or done anywhere close to the amount of climbing that is needed to complete this event, but I thought it would be a fantastic chance to see how much I could achieve on a bike. After all, if I was going to try it any summer, then it would be this one after hopefully having come off the back of a good winter season of cycling, xc skiing and running and loads of events to aim for.

The race it’s self will take in 7 Hor Category Climbs and over 8000m verticle of climbing over 330km. This is going to be one hell of a ride and one that I will be looking to complete rather than compete in.

Gaby and I will be completing this course as a recky some time before the event in 2 days to practise camping and touring with as lightweight kit as possible and to gauge where the toughest climbs of the course will be. Also to experience a great ride through 3 countries and climb some cols that we haven’t experienced yet.

If I can compete this event and feel relatively ‘comfortable’ at the end of it, then I feel I will be in a good position to attack the TCR.

“If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it, It’s the hard that makes it great”